Hosted PBX for the New Generation


The PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange which makes business as a mobile service. The Private branch exchanges (PBX) is the circuit-based switchboard which is automatic for telephone systems which are being replaced by Internet Protocol-based hosted PBX (IP PBX). The IP PBX is based on IP telephony, which is used as a standard packet switch protocols to carry voice traffic across the data network.  A small businesses are slowly moving towards hosted IP-PBX without any kind of extra efforts as the PBX service providers moves to wired complex telephone into hosted PBX with this type of easy thing. Many of the IP PBX support many environments which allows a businesses to move analog and digital calls.

  • Customers are handle more easily
    • The PBX user didn’t need any type of wiring and maintenance
    • Hosted PBX enhanced flexibility and reliability
    • Provide a lot of options for the users
    • Give extensions to individuals and multiple departments through a single number
    • voice messages
    • Transfer the calls
    • Customer gets directory of employee
    • Distribute calls through Automatic Call Distribution system
    • time call management

A PBX hosted system can serve the needs of multiple clients at time. So, the service is distributed between many of the users, the cost will be down to individual users is just a difference, when it is compared with the old traditional PBX system, the decrease in the cost, time and increasing the business productivity. Many hosted PBX systems are on the next generation ICON, many people wants to get it. The VOIP PBX service providers give the benefits to an office phone system without any disturbance of managing it. The large cost savings make Hosted VOIP PBX an ideal choice for everyone. The main benefits with hosted PBX environment is that you get voice mail. Which means it will allows you to check an email or voice mail or fax from any communication device.

A virtual PBX system makes a huge difference in any company on the daily bases of business. The virtual PBX systems have call forwarding advantage which increases the flexibility at low cost and for small business these are the basic and required things that cannot be ignored. The smaller businesses can enjoy the biggest advantage from virtual phone system, the specific features of a good virtual PBX system can be vital to increase the communication abilities of any small business phone systems. Now-a-days Virtual phone systems are being used in almost all the offices of any company. The best part of IP PBX is provided in software, it is inexpensive and easy to add additional functions as the requirement of the customer. The maintenance is done by the providers. There is no need to install any hardware or complex network in your hosted PBX and VOIP phone services, you just need a broadband connection.


Virtual PBX features

  • call forwarding
    • Automated attendants
    • Virtual integrated Fax system
    • Increases flexibility
    • highly data security with latest firewalls

All these features make easy to choose virtual phone system as a complete solution for any business need. IP PBX offers a cheap telecommunication service that lets you stay connected with people anytime.